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Information contained in this IPO Centre is intended solely for your personal reference and is not intended to form the basis of any investment decision or any decision to purchase any securities or any decision to participate in the process. It does not constitute an offer or an invitation or solicitation or advice of an offer to subscribe or to purchase any securities. Such information is subject to change from time to time without notice and it may not contain all material information concerning Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad. The summary information in this IPO Centre was extracted from Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad's Prospectus dated 11 June 2015. You are advised to read Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad's Prospectus dated 11 June 2015 for the full information. Though due care was exercised in extracting information from the Prospectus, the information in the Prospectus shall prevail should there be any discrepancy in information between this section and the Prospectus.

All references to "our Company" and "XHH" are to Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad (Company No. 1032102-P), references to "our Group" are to our Company and our subsidiaries collectively and references to "we", "us", "our" and "ourselves" are to our Company, and save where the context otherwise requires, and our subsidiaries.


The following abbreviations are used in this section:

ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Bursa Securities Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (635998-W)
Canggih Canggih Logistik Sdn Bhd (626528-V)
Group XHH and its Subsidiaries, collectively
IILS International ILS
ILS Integrated logistics services
IPO Initial Public Offering of the Shares, comprising the Public Issue and Offer for Sale, collectively
IPO Price RM0.70 for each IPO Share
IPO Share(s) The Public Issue Share(s) and Offer Share(s), collectively
KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Listing Admission into the Official List and the listing of and quotation for our entire issued and paid-up share capital, comprising 180,000,000 Shares on the Main Market
Main Market Main Market of Bursa Securities
MITI Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia
Offer for Sale Offer for sale by the Offerors of 16,218,000 Shares at an offer price of RM0.70 per Share, payable in full upon application, subject to the terms and conditions of our Prospectus
Offerors Ng Aik Chuan, Ng Yam Pin and Eng Peng Lam @ Ng Peng Lam, collectively
Official List A list specifying all securities listed on Bursa Securities
Prospectus Our Prospectus dated 11 June 2015 issued by our Company in relation to the IPO
Protégé Associates Protégé Associates Sdn. Bhd.
Public Issue Public issue by XHH of 37,782,000 new Shares at an issue price of RM0.70 per Share, payable in full upon application, subject to the terms and conditions of our Prospectus
RM and sen Ringgit Malaysia and sen, respectively
Share(s) Ordinary share(s) of RM0.50 each in XHH
Subsidiaries XHTT, XHAE, Canggih and XHUF, collectively
XHAE Xin Hwa Auto Engineering Sdn Bhd (659918-D)
XHH or Company Xin Hwa Holdings Berhad (1032102-P)
XHTT Xin Hwa Trading & Transport Sdn Bhd (447397-X)
XHUF XH Universal Forwarding Sdn Bhd (957938-M)

Technical References

GPS Global Positioning System
Prime mover A vehicle that provides the motive power to haul a trailer